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Debt Management is a program that allows you to consolidate your unsecured debts into one single monthly payment. You make this payment directly to creditors and continue to receive your statements normally.

The biggest advantage of this program is that the credit counseling agency has the ability to negotiate with creditors and can reduce your debt by up to 60%. By reducing this amount, you will be saving thousands of dollars and can pay you debt in a shorter amount of time.

The process begins with a credit counseling session, in which a certified credit counselor will meet with you either in person or by telephone to identify and evaluate your financial situation. In this session of credit counseling, a professional counselor, will help you prepare a budget of income and expenses and determine what debts you have, then explain your options.

After evaluating your financial information one of our certified counselors will determine if you qualify for the debt management program, if so they will negotiate with your creditors to arrange monthly payments, fees and charges on your unsecured debts.

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If your debt problems seem insurmountable – we can help. At CDMP, our Certified Credit Counsellors have the experience and knowledge to help you get out of debt. During your consultation, we will help you understand what your current financial situation is, how best to fix it, and how to move on to a better life. Call us today for a confidential and free initial consultation – 1.800.379.4249!